It’s not enough to be agile and digital, you’ve got to deliver ‘the impossible,’ effortlessly



“When I rolled out a new global strategy I needed a step change in our culture and business performance.  My Managers needed to learn new and better ways to run the business and keep up the momentum of change. QUBE empowered the managers to deliver the change and allowed me to stay involved in the process, turning up as a qubot, where and when I was needed, to provide encouragement, support and leadership.  I was able to spend my time with my people and stakeholders instead of on the phone in airport lounges!”




Ted_IT_0120sml“My problem was that our innovation project needed to involve all of our key clients from around the world, in a tight timescale.  QUBE was fantastic for encouraging participation and creativity and the Pentacle tutor guided us through tools and frameworks to tackle all the tricky elements of innovation in a fast changing world.  It was easy to manage, we simply added more ‘qubicles’ to hold the information on our different prototypes.  At the end we discovered another success when we calculated just how much carbon we’d saved by not travelling!”




Sarah_end_0150sml“Our project delivery needed a boost.  On QUBE the tutors helped my Project Management teams improve their Stakeholder management and collaboration skills live on projects. We instantly improved performance and I’ve learned so many new tools, techniques and methods for completing projects! At the end of the process they left us with a self-supporting community on QUBE”




Mei_end_0060sml“I need to have an ever evolving range of courses customized and tailored to my internal customers’ needs, which everyone can access.  On QUBE I can include the right people across the organisation as we target each learning intervention to solve a real problem or build capability.  Learning collaboratively in this way reduces resistance to change and avoids the ‘not invented here’ type of resistance to change, you get with the traditional approach of sending people out of the office.”



Ajay_0030sml“Go Digital  and do it now!  I need to be able to drive forward both behavior change and technological support to enable a new future for our organisation.  By delivering our digital transformational education on QUBE we make sure that our message mirrors the methods.  We really get people to understand how working digitally can recreate the way we think and work together.  We also introduce them to the technologies which are changing the world. ”




Collaboration:  We can think together, and talk together.  No longer restricted to the ‘ pass-the-parcel’ collaboration where the common cry is, “Which version of the powerpoint are we on?”

Working Out-Loud:  Common approach  using Pentacle’s Effectiveness tools (PETs) means that everyone can follow and deeply understand the work

Buy-in and Engagement: Easy inclusion of key stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise

Leadership:  On QUBE you can literally see everything that is happening across the world so you can apply a “hands-off eyes-on” approach secure in the knowledge that you can provide clear leadership as needed

Worq-spaces & Offices:  Dedicated rooms called qubicles for each key activity – Security and access are easily controlled