My QUBE – Innovation Lead


QUBE Explainer video:  The video shows you how five key stakeholder groups benefit from QUBE.

You have landed here as an IT/ Digital Lead.  As you watch the video imagine how QUBE will solve most of your challenges:

  • How do I get the right people?
  • Need to skill-up for innovation – How do I embed Design thinking
  • Finding it difficult to engage the right stakeholder at the right points to accelerate innovation?
  • Need stimulating spaces How do I deliver global hackathons?


Case Story

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Most popular solutions:

Execution Support



Innovation Accelerator:

12 weeks to accelerate innovation and begin the move towards an innovative culture. A HealthCheck is used to identify and focus on the innovation bottleneck. Participants learn collaboratively and deliver real innovations during the program.

From £15k

1 week Haqathons:

One week or less to solve a wicked problem making use of your internal teams, suppliers, customers, clients and international experts. Without boundaries, the stakeholders, the problem and your creativity are brought together from around the globe in a proven facilitated process.

From £2,500

Events, Courses & Worqshops



Inspiration Monthly:

2 hour session on a strategic topic led by a global thought leader


QUBEx Events:

Bi-monthly 2 hour sessions for six months led by global experts hour session on a strategic topic led by a global thought leader

From £7,500 (Dependent on speakers)

At Your Service



One off:

Engage us for a specific outcome, worqshop or to resolve a specific issue



Engage us to diagnose, design and teach/ facilitate a wide range of differing activities, meetings & interventions in 3 monthly blocks


It’s not about having ideas.

It’s not about making them happen.

It’s about turning ideas into real benefits or money, together.