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Don’t make others resent your presence


You need a good quality headset and mic.Hardware

QUBE is a ‘natural’ environment so everyone can speak to everyone else. We are not restricted to text or only one person talking like WebEx.

You will need to be able to hear and speak to other people.  For this you will need a headset.  Everyone else will have one. If you choose to use the built in mic or speakers (unless they have excellent noise cancellation) everyone else hears echos and background noise …and it’s terrible for them!

How to check if they can hear you on QUBE:

No need to keep asking, “Can you hear me?” like you do on a conference or skype call or other digital media – Just look at the icon next to your name to see if you can be heard;

 SpeakingL4UserGlyph Loud
SpeakingL3UserGlyph OK
SpeakingL2UserGlyph Quiet
SpeakingL1UserGlyph Very Quiet

Don’t have a headset?

Headsets for all budgets

Using a PC?

Processor: Intel Pentium II or above RAM: ≥ 1GB recommended Screen resolution: ≥ 1024×768 Graphics: OpenGL v1.3 or later Operating System: MS Windows XP or later * QUBE will also function on top end windows tablet

Using a Mac?

Processor: Intel based Mac RAM: ≥ 1GB recommended Screen resolution: ≥ 1024×768 Graphics: OpenGL v1.3 or later  Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.14

IMPORTANT: As of Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina), Apple have made changes that have broken how many programmes, including QUBE, work on Macs. We are working on fixing this as soon as we can, but in the meantime Mac users running Catalina or a later operating system should contact QUBE@PentacleTheVBS.com for alternative installation instructions

Don’t have anything at all?QUBEonaStick

Buy QUBE on a StickTM


QUBE set up ready to go on full Windows 10 nano-computer stick. From £150 for the basic stick to full set including; headset, mouse, mini-keyboard, mifi dongle with 2gb data for only £295!

I want to buy QUBE on a stick

QUBE Technical requirements pdf




On a Mac?  Download QUBE Mac Read Me Notes