4 Access

You wouldn’t make a critical mobile call when you’ve got low signal, so don’t do it on QUBE!


QUBE works first time “out of the box” unless you have enhanced or restrictive firewalls.

You need 3G, 4G or broadband access to use QUBE.
For good performance you need  Ping <50ms,  Download >5Mb/s,  Upload >2Mb/s

You can do a broadband speed test here>>

Using Chrome/Firefox? You can do a broadband speed test here>>

Firewall restrictions:

Check access through the firewalls with your IT department or connect via your site’s guest broadband.

An error message which mentions “proxy” connections failing means that your firewall is preventing QUBE’s access to the internet.

Contact your IT administrator or contact the QUBE administrator: +44 1494 674326


Technical Requirements:

Download Technical Requirements