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“Qubists speak QUBE”
Johann Wachs  Director Vizeum

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What’s here for me?

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What’s on soon?



Drop into the  New World Cafe and see who’s hanging out there… QUBE | hub-Q | NewWorldCafe

  • Monthly Open Inspiration Event  – 2 hours to meet and network with digital thought leaders and to listen to a world class presenter
  • Project Champions – Is your organisiation failing because you cant execute as well as competitors?  Find out how good you are by challenging some of the best project managers in the world
  • QUBE  Graphic Visualisation Skills for Mangers – Wish your communication was more impactful.? That you could illustrate your points live like TED Talk star Eddie Obeng?
  • QUBEx Series Healthcare sector Digital TEDx
  • Gallery on QUBE – Creative reflection and a chance to have a private viewing personally with a world famous Artist & Designer


How do I find out what others are doing on QUBE or tell the world what I have done?

Social Media
QUBE Evangelist

So you want to explain QUBE to your colleagues?  That’s a big challenge! It’s hard to ‘get’ QUBE without experiencing it.  So we’ve created a QUBE Evangelist web page to help you help us to tell the QUBE story.

Or invite them to an Inspiration Event.  We’ll make them feel right at home!

On social media we have set up @QUBEcc for QUBE, #QUBEinspire

“Talking about SR* (he actually said VR) is like dancing about architecture!”

Chris Milk

Invite colleagues to QUBE
Learn to speak QUBE

It’s even easier to invite a contact/ colleague with a two week pass. Just use the envelope icon   QUBE_INVITE_ICON
Why not learn to speak QUBE too?  Do you know what a QL (QUBE leap) is? What about a ‘QUBE qall’?  Do you know when to talk about a ‘worqshop’?  Find out more…
QUBE Connect Collaborate

* QUBE is SR (Super Reality) User driven ‘better than life’ software) and not  VR (Virtual Reality for consuming film & entertainment and playing games)