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“Qubists speak QUBE”
Johann Wachs – Director at Vizeum

Learn to speak QUBE

What’s here for me?

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How do I find out what others are doing on QUBE or tell the world what I have done?

Social Media
QUBE Evangelist

So you want to explain QUBE to your colleagues? That’s a big challenge! It’s hard to “get” QUBE without experiencing it. So we’ve created a QUBE Evangelist web page to help you help us to tell the QUBE story.

Or invite them to a QUBE event. We’ll make them feel right at home!

See QUBE@Work and Inspiration on QUBE for more details.

“Talking about [SR]* is like dancing about architecture.”
(Original quote is “Talking about virtual reality …”.)

Chris Milk

Invite colleagues to QUBE
Learn to speak QUBE

It’s even easier to invite a contact/colleague with a two week pass. Just use the envelope icon   QUBE_INVITE_ICON
Why not learn to speak QUBE too?  Do you know what a QL (QUBE leap) is? What about a “QUBE qall”?  Do you know when to talk about a “worqshop”?  Find out more…
QUBE Connect Collaborate

* QUBE is SR (Super Reality) User-driven “better than life” software and not VR (Virtual Reality for consuming films & entertainment and playing games).