5 Orientation

“Being spontaneous” takes a lot of rehearsal.

“Being yourself on QUBE” just takes a moment to get comfortable


Show me, I’ll forget,

Guide me, I’ll think I understand,

Involve me, I’ll learn and value the experience.

Show me

All you need to know in 90 seconds:

Guide me

Book an assisted orientation session with a QUBE admin.

Involve me


Go to Orientation now


Or arrive for your first QUBE qall/worqshop at least a quarter of an hour early.  

It’s easy and fun.  Enjoy yourself – you can’t break anything!

Now you’ll be cool. You won’t hold colleagues back. You won’t ask newbie questions like “So how do I move?“, “How do I add some stickies to our brainstorm?” or  “How come I can’t hear you now you’re sitting down?”

Get your Certificate (Qubot driver’s licence). Now you are free to roam the campus!