My QUBE – Learning and Development


QUBE Explainer video:  The video shows you how five key stakeholder groups benefit from QUBE.

You have landed here as an HR/ Learning and Development person”.  As you watch the video imagine how QUBE will solve most of your challenges.

Do you recognise any of these challenges?

  • How do I provide cost effective, engaging development for all in a digital age?
  • Need to win the battle for talent
  • Need to address the Future Of Work Challenges
  • Agile Organisation?
  • Doing more with a smaller budget
  • Embed new behaviours in the New Culture
  • Building overall capability  (not just the talent)
  • Unemotionally connecting five generations at work




What’s better or impossible to do normally?

  • It’s easy to get people to try new behaviours
  • It’s easy to make introverts relax.. and even enjoy role play
  • It’s easy to demonstrate the value of the learning at work
  • It’s easy to schedule learning into people’s busy diaries
  • It’s easy to embed learning across the organisation

How does Learning and Development compare On and Off QUBE?

Contact time
A One Day Workshop – Travel time, tea and coffee breaks, lunchtime = 6 hours contact time
One Day of Worqshops – three 2 hour worqshops plus two one hour coaching or applied learning-by-sharing QUBE qalls = 8 hours contact time

During the day retention levels fall off even as the content is added
Short qalls or worqshops, followed by application, mean everything is understood and nothing gets forgotten

Application/ Transfer to Work
“You leave the course and you’re on your own, mate!”
Participants can invite relevant stakeholders to share learning. Tutors can drop in to challenge and support application Third Column

Cost Effectiveness
Set session duration at 1 * Cost per contact hour at 100% * Retention at 40% * Application at 25% * transfer to work / colleagues at 10% = Learning effectiveness = 1%
Set session duration at 1* Cost per contact hour at 125% * Retention at 80% * Application at 75% * transfer to work / colleagues at 30% = Learning effectiveness = 22.5%


Off-the-shelf standard courses and worqshops


Strategy/ Business Model, Innovation Market development

Change management, Project Management, Programme Management, Integrated Change Management

Leadership, Digital/Virtual Leadership, Team working, Organisational Design  

Business Results, Benefits Management, Money Making

Sales, Purchasing, Operations Optimisation, Service Delivery Management




Case Story

Try QUBE now

Being on QUBE is like being in another country;

A country with different cultural norms and behaviours –
A country with good digital & agile cultural norms and behaviours!
A country where you learn to apply and benefit from development.


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