Embedding & Sustaining an Innovation Culture in the NHS (National Health Service)

Faster, Better, Cheaper and normally impossible!


What the Client says about it … www.in0v8.scot.nhs.uk/enabling/QUBE-in-the-nhs/




The ResultsNHSNSS

Speed: 3 years to 9 months

Financial Payback: Anticipated at about two weeks

Engagement: From Board level to key stakeholders

Collaboration: Across functions and across the country

Learning: Innovation in a service environment

In the client’s words:

“In the first two sessions of QUBE over a week we achieved what it would normally have taken us three months to get to!”

“Although the team is not dispersed by thousands of miles it can take a day of travel for some people to all arrive in the same place QUBE was like a short cut.”


The Challenge

The NHS is under pressure. Just like many parts of the public sector there is a need to do more and different with less. The only sustainable solution to this challenge is to fundamentally change the way we do everything – through innovation.