The Virtual Workspace

Imagine a world where real estate capacity is infinite and costs are virtually zero that is geared to how you want to work, collaborate and learn. That is QUBE


Ever experienced the following?

  • Impossibility of finding a “project room” where you can permanently have your project collateral on display. Enabling team members and stakeholders to instantly provide and receive updates regardless of where they are in the world.
  • The challenge of booking training and conference facilities, plus the logistics and expense of getting all delegates to the venue.
  • Lack of private space for 121 meetings
  • The impossibility of scheduling a meeting that all stakeholders can attend

These are just some of the physical and logistical problems that organisations face, operating in the old world.

In the world of QUBE these problems no longer exist. We have created a virtual world that enables you to configure a campus specifically for your organisation. One that is secure, with space only accessible for the people that you allow. QUBE has already created more square footage than the Empire State Building, but at a tiny fraction of the cost. And when the requirement for a new work space (we call them QUBICLES) arises this is available in minutes.

To bring all facets of the QUBE world together, this is where you will engage with your QUBE tutors and learn about and use the QUBE toolset.

Take a look at our example campus below and click on the buildings to get a feel for the possibilities.