QUBE logo image onlyvsmlWhat is a Qubicle?

Qubicles are the designed virtual ‘classroom’ environments (or rooms) on QUBE.  They operate exactly like a real-life room.  Only people with the right entry-passes can get in (More on security>>). Once in a qubicle on QUBE you can talk, walk, present, coach, meet, etc.  The joke about Qubicles is that although they are very 21st centuy, most are styled and furnished very traditionally. 

Becasue they are real spaces they continue to exist whether anyone is logged in/ dialled in or not.  There is no need for technicians or moderators.  Everything in the qubicle is stored and saved.  If you leave a sticky-note on someone’s desk it will stay there until they (or someone else) reads and moves it.

Qubicles are pre-loaded with the learning tools, techniques and materials which will be required to tackle the challenge.  Each contains a Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs) Library on a bookshelf.  If additional challenges arise more PETs can be added at any time.  

For people unfamiliar with the PETs a brief explanation of the PET is two clicks away. 

QUBE logo image onlyvsmlHow many people can you get in a Qubicle?

Just as in real life, small qubicles work best with small groups and large qubicles with larger groups.  There are qubicles which hold hundreds of people.



QUBE logo image onlyvsmlWhat will I find in a qubicle?

Apart from the pre-loaded materials most qubicles contain:

  • Projector with big screen to view presentations
  • Syndicate or breakout tables and chairs
  • Flipcharts (with infinite paper)
  • Whiteboards (with multiple boards/tabs)
  • Breakout tables for small group work
  • Personal ‘slates’ where people can keep their own notes / documents / work
  • Shelves for organising documents, PETs, WorkPads, pre-printed material
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency exits

QUBE logo image onlyvsmlHow many Qubicles can I have?

 You can have as many qubicles as you need to deliver your challenge.  Your Pentacle tutor will make sure you have the best working and learning environment.

QUBE logo image onlyvsmlWhat else can I do in a Qubicle?

You can use QUBE functionality to do many things including:

  • Share documents (word, powerpoint, pdf, spreadsheets…)
  • Share windows on your computer
  • Take snapshots of working documents
  • Record qubinar sessions or meetings for reference or absent colleagues
  • Take polls on polling cards (which can gather their choices from sticky notes)
  • Start asynchronous debates on Topic cards (for more in-depth discussion / debate)
  • Add sticky notes for working or brainstorming
  • Browse the internet together