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QUBEx 2017

QUBEx Events for 2017

Wednesday 12th April: Not the Usual Suspects – Building Organisational Innovation Capacity & Capability 
Wednesday 3rd May:  Art of the Possible –Collaborative mini-haq on some of the key issues facing the NHS
Wednesday 5th July: Prototyping a Service Part 1 – Understanding User Experience: Supporting What Matters to Me
Wednesday 6th September: Getting Stakeholder Buy-In for Your Project

12.30-14.00 UK Time


As pressures and challenges build we can either work harder using the knowledge we already have or we can collaborate and innovate.

Last year over 300 dedicated healthcare professionals from 23 organisations including NHS Boards across the UK from Orkney to Devon, UK Innovation centres, Health Services Authority Canada, Institute of Healthcare Improvement and the health & digital industry gathered together virtually to share insights & innovation best practice, learn new tools and creatively solve real challenges.

Why should I join?

  • You will hear about some amazing technologies and new ways of working from the world’s leaders in innovative health solutions.
  • You will meet & network with other innovators from around the world, identifying opportunities to collaborate.
  • You can add participating in QUBEx to your continuous professional development (CPD) time.

Is it free?

Yes.  Surprisingly it is.  This is a real gift not a sales teaser.  It is free because the costs are covered by our generous Sponsors.  But places are limited so sign up now.  And why not share this flyer with your colleagues?



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Networking Events



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