Learning to Transform


The journey into the “new world after midnight” is not one that we expect QUBE clients to embark on alone.

QUBE is an exciting space, but once the novelty wears off, it would be easy to just go back to the ‘Old World’ way of running meetings and having boring, inefficient conference calls. We wouldn’t want to see that happening.

To maximise the benefit that QUBE can have on your organisation, we have assembled a team of expert tutors. They will lead you on the journey from “learning” to “doing” and finally “improving”:

  • Learning – Pentacle Tutors work alongside you to help design and facilitate your workshops and events. Engaging a group is hard enough in person, and even more so online
  • Doing – Pentacle Tutors work with you as you start to implement QUBE in practice and have techniques to make the initially unfamiliar become part of the DNA of the organisation
  • Improving – through consistent engagement your tutor will be able to provide feedback and guidance on how to improve deployment and impact of tools and provide advice on how to set up for solving new business problems

Pentacle Tutors are professional facilitators, trainers, and coaches who have an expertise working with groups in a virtual space. Trained by Pentacle, the Virtual Business School, they are experts in the QUBE toolset.

That is why we call QUBE the Learn + Do Ware. Learn more about Learning2Transform.

Hear more from Eddie Obeng on how the QUBE team engages with our clients.