Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs)

If all you have is hammer than everything looks like a nail.

Isn’t it about time you got some new tools to help you work in an agile, collaborative way in our fast changing complex world?


QUBE is not underpinned by a methodology. Our experience is that business problems are too diverse to fit them into standard, rigid approaches.

The QUBE team of expert tutors, lead by Eddie Obeng have developed hundreds of practical, award winning “14-minute” tools and techniques, specifically invented for leading and managing in our ‘New World After Midnight (WAM) of uncertainty and complexity. We call them PETs (Performance Enhancement Tools). The tools can be deployed in a myriad of different combinations to assist in pretty much any scenario.

This often seems somewhat daunting at first, so we have grouped them in terms of the purpose they serve:

  • Inventing Tomorrow – For example how to deliver innovation, grow markets, create world-beating business models.
  • Delivering Tomorrow – For example how to deliver perfect projects, overcome resistance to change, transform strategy into action through excellent execution.
  • Leading and Organising – For example how to get people to step forward and lead through uncertainty, how to work together even if your teams are globally dispersed.
  • Delivering Today – For example how to achieve customer excellence, to optimise processes and services, to buy and sell in a complex world.
  • Ensuring Results – For example how to increase the culture of business acumen, get performance results, de-risking projects.

A Pentacle tutor will help you select the most appropriate PET for your needs.

All PETs are available in QUBE, as part of a very comprehensive PETs Library PETsLibrary

The library also contains books, solution guides, articles and background information on how to thrive in our new world after midnight.

PETs Library QUBE-2016-09-28-0922-45
PETs Library Search
PETs Library Document Page

All PETs are available built into QUBE, in a very comprehensive PETs Library
The library is easily searchable 
Each PET has a ‘Document Page’ with a detailed explanation of what it is and how and when to use it

If a tool appears to be missing or not quite fit for purpose, don’t worry. The QUBE team of expert tutors are continuously evolving and adding to the toolset, based on their work with the client base.

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