Experience QUBE

If everything could be understood without experience, life would hold no mysteries. But life holds mysteries for us.  It is through overcoming the ‘fear of the new’ we unlock them.




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Exerience QUBE with strangers
Experience QUBE with colleagues

Do you want to start gently?  Perhaps on your own?  With one or two colleagues?  Fantastic!  Join one of our free open attendance Inspiration events.  We run these once a month.  It’s easy to work out the dates: they are always on the third Thursday of each month.

You will have a chance to meet other people new to QUBE as well as many people who have years of experience of participating in worqshops and qubinars

Do you have a business or management issue?  Do you have the contact details of the colleagues you want to get involved?

We will put together and deliver a free one hour session for you and your colleagues to get you to take the first confident steps to resolve your issue and to introduce you to the power of QUBE.  Don’t worry if you don’t have an issue, we’ll find something relevant for you.

You can join these open attendance sessions for free
We have a limited number of free sessions or you can book a QUBE Discovery your free session

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