Arthur C Clarke on QUBE

In the 1960’s they predicted that by now we would be working just one day a week.  We are, but not for the reasons you think


Arthur C Clarke, Futurist preidicting QUBE (1964)


Professor Eddie Obeng explains at the Google zeitgeist conference why mobile device users are ‘time travellers’

Astro Teller of Google says, “It’s the bravery to do it, not the fact that it doesn’t work…  …We are usually just not seeing big enough.”

Which one would you do?

A.  You get to invent a new way of turning coal and oil into electrical energy which will make its use 10% more efficient. You can be 100% sure that this will succeed.

B.  5% chance of creating free energy for everybody. It’s carbon neutral, safe and totally free.

If you chose A – you don’t yet  get the potential of QUBE.  QUBE is a ‘Moonshot.  But with much better odds!

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