Project Champions


Project Champions is a project simulation learning competition, to be run on QUBE, that allows up and coming project managers to practise and pit their skills against their peers; gives businesses and organizations a chance to showcase their project excellence; and gives project working an international shop window and allows them to fill any gaps with useful learning.

Sponsors:   GPM First | Pentacle The Virtual Business School

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The simulation

The exercise is open to 100 competing teams of three who are presented with a series of decisions and dilemmas to address, against the clock. The team members will interact with each other and with virtual characters in the game; respond to tasks and process information; check the temperature of the stakeholders by tapping into the project gossip; make or defer decisions, as they endeavour to secure success for their project.

The tutors

A team of expert tutors  led by Prof Eddie Obeng will be on hand to guide each team and provide feedback to the whole group of 100 teams on QUBE in an hour-long debrief after each round.


The prize

Each activity and decision is scored and the winning team, the ‘Project Champions’, will be announced on the basis of three rounds of the game.

The benefits

Project Champions will give less-experienced project managers the chance to hone their skills, a direction for their personal development; the experience of working in the super-real environment of QUBE and an opportunity for some fun. It will give their sponsoring organizations an opportunity to reach out and project themselves to the world outside of projects and beyond the corporate firewall.

The timeline

Project Champions will run in the Spring/Summer of 2016 over the course of six weeks with three, two hour sessions for the competition (one hour of simulation followed by one hour of debrief) and with an initial two hour session to induct the teams in the use of QUBE.