Fast-Tracked Global Human Resources Project

Faster, Better, Cheaper and normally impossible!


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Speed:  6 months to 6 weeks


Financial Payback:  Reduced from several years to 4 months


Engagement:   Global Team alignment

Collaboration:   Involvement of regional and national teams avoided resistance to change

Learning:  Agile organisation design skills and Change & Project delivery skills

Corporate Social Responsibility:   100,000 miles of travel saved!

  • equivalent to  67 hours of driving time per person 
  • equivalent to 21 hours flown per person
  • equivalent to 48.5 tonnes of carbon
  • equivalent to 243 mature trees

In the client’s words

The Pentacle programme has helped to change my way of working with the WK HR team and to be in a more direct and personal relationship with members what is more effective for creativity and sharing of experiences than the old way (working by email in a top down way).”

“QUBE helps to simulate in person meetings, which I found fundamental when you have really short deadlines. Obviously it works greatly with people from other Countries”

The Challenge

The Global HR function needed to support the success of the firm by supporting key
leaders, initiating delivery on new challenge areas and providing and policies
The HR Function identified a number of key areas where significant progress
had to be made quickly,  i.e. :

 Removing blockers e.g. Increasing efficiency – through effective regional
sharing of expertise e.g. CoE cross region, enhancing workflows and
increasing value and removing value blockers
 Identifying and delivering on needs e.g. More effective business
partnering to deliver unmet needs
 Changing the game e.g. Catalysing innovation through the business

How the QUBE solution wins


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Top- Traditional conference calls, kick off meetings etc
Bottom- QUBE Learn+Do Up-skilling workshops, application with local team, collaboration.



Fast-Tracked Global Human Resources Project