Accelerate Innovation across a Global Organisation in a Fast-moving Market

Faster Better Cheaper.. plus the normally impossible!

 Accelerate Innovation across a Global Organisation in a Fast-moving Market

WhiteboardTopThe ResultsDentsu Aegis Network

Speed:  Normal estimate was one year delivered in 16 weeks


Financial Payback:  Learn + Do model meant payback in positive impact on participant performance of a during the programme!


Engagement:   Global Team alignment

Collaboration:    Creation of an Innovation Community, Truly global involvement across all time zones enabled rapid adoption of a common language

Learning:  Innovation Accelerator Methods (from the book Who Killed the Sparq? by Eddie Obeng?  [Free ebook])

Corporate Social Responsibility:   1,000,000 miles of travel saved!

equivalent to 1,290 hours of driving time per person

equivalent to 265 hours flown per person

equivalent to 542 tonnes of carbon

equivalent to 2,722 mature trees


In the client’s words

A key learning was a Performance Enhancement Tool (PET) called ‘Here2ThereTM’  The  Here2There PET is a simple but effective way of outlining what the project is hoping to achieve (by comparing it to the current approach) and what is working well, and what is not. As you would expect with a Pentacle training program, we used the PETs to assess the on-going success of the training course itself, truly showing the value of such transparent approaches. To some extent, these tools help us meta-innovate as they are innovative processes that sit on top of innovative product


The Challenge

DentsuAegis Network’s vision is ”to innovate the way in which brands are built”. Thomas Le Thierry – CEO Vizeum, has taken the lead to significantly accelerate the capability, application & process of innovation to deliver integrated solutions to clients.

So how better to demonstrate and illustrate the leading edge digital thinking and practice of Vizeum than by planning and executing the Innovation Accelerator Programme globally, digitally on QUBE?



  • Animate a global innovation community
  • Up skill and build capability for this group to drive behaviour change in the organisation
  • Develop the Community and provide thinking, tools, behaviours and outcomes rapidly via QUBE
  • Create a true global community of the worlds best media strategists
  • Use a collaborative learning process (i.e. where each group/ cohort builds expertise in a key area quickly but since they are all building expertise in different areas there is a turbo boost in performance as they collaborate)
  • Connect the global strategist community to the Innovation community to deliver the culture change and accelerated innovation for clients


Why it was better on QUBE:

Traditional Solution The QUBE Solution
  • Normal Course/ workshops rolled-out round the world in hotel and conference venues
  • Workshops have to be at least a day to a couple of days long
  • Significant time consumed in travels and disruption
  • Participants are given tons of new materials without time to digest, test or apply and as a result much is forgotten, even during the workshop
  • Traditional innovation models, creativity/ brainstorming tools
  • The good old “transfer to work problem” occurs where what has not been forgotten is out of context and hard to share with colleagues
  • HealthCheck diagnostics to pinpoint and minimise amount of development to be delivered
  • Extensive use of Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs) to enable collaboration on difficult themes
  • Set up of PETs champions to ensure transfer to work becomes embedded
  • Participants set up in trios or quints with dual tasks of learning and executing a real project
  • Collaborative learning Programme



 Accelerate Innovation across a Global Organisation in a Fast-moving Market