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Proof Of Concept

Proof Of concept Quiz

Did you know that because QUBE enables new and different ways to connect collaborate and cognite, the best way to develop your business case is to consider additional benefits almost over and above cost savings? So we use five performance measures to compare working and learning on QUBE vs traditional methods:
Benefits/Costs; Productivity, Innovation, Engagement, Involvement.

BENEFITs over COSTs – There will be new benefits from the new things QUBE enables. Some will be ‘soft’ like happy, motivated people, and others will be ‘hard’ and financially quantifiable. In preparation could you begin to provide an estimate of the costs you would anticipate in your traditional way of doing things?
We will be able to compare this with the costs of being on QUBE as part of your business case.

PRODUCTIVITY – QUBE has a proven track record of saving half of the resources needed / delivering outcomes & learning in half the time. Can you please collect your current resource estimates and planned durations?
We will be able to compare this with the productivity and learning retention/application of being on QUBE as part of your business case.

INNOVATION- QUBE allows you to exploit the diversity of your team. It also allows introverts and more reticent cultures to participate fully. in addition the qubot avatars allow people to be more creatively brave than they would be traditionally. Can you find out how you currently measure your level of innovation (e.g. Return on innovation, Ideation rate, etc.)?
We will be able to compare this with the level of innovation generated on QUBE as part of your business case.

ENGAGEMENT – QUBE removes barriers between people. Distance dissolves, Language barriers are lowered, People participate and all of this increases the engagement of all the people and stakeholders involved. Can you find out how you measure engagement in teams, networks, your organisation?
We will be able to compare this with the enhanced engagement of being on QUBE as part of your business case.

INVOLVEMENT- In our connected world, almost every change extends across the team organisation and to other organisations. The difficulty in involving a wider group for social learning and adoption slows down outcomes. Can you establish how you currently measure or consider wider involvement in learning or delivery?
We will be able to compare the traditional level of involvement with the wider involvement we achieve on QUBE as part of your business case.


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Proof Of concept Quiz


Susan M Ross,
Business Manager
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We have had significant penetration testing done by some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world and have passed. I would say that this puts us in the upper categories of safeness but still below top secret grade.

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