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Whether it is because you ‘get’ the World After Midnight idea and want to spread it. Or because you too realise that of the all the competitive advantages organisations could have, learning is one of the most powerful, and difficult for competitors to notice or copy. Or because you just love working with friends and colleagues on QUBE. Or because you want to save the planet from the over 20% of fossil fuel which goes into moving people (atoms) around instead  of moving electrons. Or some other reason, we thank you for helping us spread QUBE.

People Create change People Constrain Change
Obeng’s 3rd Law of Change:

This page is for you! We’ve summarised the key learnings we have discovered in in spreading QUBE.  There are useful links, assets and more. A really useful document is the Executive Summary one pager which you can download as a .pdf

Connect with other QUBE evangelists in the hub-Q | New World Cafe.

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‘Spy’ at any time to see who’s live on QUBE.

Let’s do the right thing. Let’s make the world different and better.

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Dos and Don’ts  


Enthusiastically explain QUBE to someone who has never experienced it (or any other multi-user, remote player game).

Let them think of QUBE as ‘software’ or ‘a platform’ of a ‘meeting place’.  It really is an embodiment of World After Midnight culture & behaviour.

Show them QUBE on a screen without insisting that they at least ‘drive’ the qubot

Discuss real challenges e.g. innovation acceleration, Senor executive engagement in change, knowledge sharing…

Remind them how hard it is for people returning from a course to transfer and embed the learning with colleagues.

Remind them how impossible it is to maintain momentum for execution after a conference or meeting.

Remember how Steve Jobs introduced the iphone.  He used analogies of three things people recognised to describe something they had never experienced.  Do the same with QUBE  Use this Poster.

Compare Pentacle’s QUBE with other Management Development and Business Development approaches  Use this poster.



Invite people to the Open Inspiration on QUBE events which happen Every Month
Organise a QUBE Lab – A physical session where a group of up to 10 people meet, and without worry or becoming intimidated, gently transition to working on QUBE and back to physical again to really feel the difference and understand the opportunity. Send us a webmail to book
Invite people to a QUBEx (a sort of TEDx but on QUBE). Send us a webmail to book




Success stories to share
Videos to share

Wolters Kluwer Innovation Competition QUBE submission Video

Telefonica Case Story

NHS Cases by Mark Blayney

On Linkedin

6 minutes to learn how QUBE transforms life from the point of view of the CEO, Project Manager, IT, Innovation Lead L&D

Inspiration on QUBE.  Shows a novice presenter and mix of new and seasoned qubists getting value by learning about influencing

LEGO’s David Gram on Innovation

Sales guru Geoff Burch on influence

Short blog on attending an inspiration monthly  by Mark Blayney

Day in the life (2mins) compares a day on QUBE to a day in a normal commuter’s life Watch here


Social Media
QUBE Icons


Pentacle: @PentacleTheVBS  PentacleTheVBS.com  Blog – NewWorldTimes

Eddie Obeng: @Eddie Obeng  EddieObeng.com  Blog – Imagine-A-Fish  On TED introducing QUBE

Why QUBE?: World After Midnight

New QUBE social icons

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Frequently Asked Questions/ Presentations

List of the top 20 FAQ’s  and Due Diligence Questions with answers here




We have had significant penetration testing done by some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world and have passed. I would say that this puts us in the upper categories of safeness but still below top secret grade.

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