My simple idea is that the real 21st century around us isn’t so obvious to us, so instead we spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.

Eddie Obeng


Eddie Obeng PhD is a thought leader who developed an alternative view of the world.  His World After Midnight  model easily predicts ‘unexpected events’ such as the election of President Trump as well making it trivially easy to cope with the uncertainty and complexity of the modern world.
Eddie teaches his award-winning concepts, methods and tools to Business Leaders, Executives & Managers.  He writes books, runs a business school called Pentacle, based in the UK.  He is a world-class motivational educator/speaker and gives the occasional TED talk.  There is more about the services he offers here.
In 2011 Eddie created a digital start-up ,an Super Reality environment called QUBEQUBE is to Executive Education & Business Profitability what UBER is to Taxis.  On QUBE productivity & collaboration increase up to five times.  Creativity and innovation over come the traditional limits of hierarchy and geography.  For this to happen participants need to learn & apply the World After Midnight toolset.  To guarantee success there is a team of facilitators available to guide & support adoption.  Many global clients extend their use of QUBE beyond the transformation phase  to provide a digital platform for their day to day business.
To find out how QUBE can make delivering your goals and vision easy you can participate in the free, open, Monthly Inspiration if you register in advance.  Here  you will be able to network with current QUBE users.

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Vintage ‘World After Midnight’ video –

Health Warning!  This video speeds up exponentially as you watch it to give you a sense of being overwhelmed!

The experience of losing control should feel just like your real life 😉