My simple idea is that the real 21st century around us isn’t so obvious to us, so instead we spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.

Eddie Obeng


EddieObeng announces QUBE at TED Global text
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For an idea to become an overnight success sometimes takes a couple of years

Vintage ‘World After Midnight’ video –

Health Warning!  This video speeds up exponentially as you watch it to give you a sense of being overwhelmed!

The experience of losing control should feel just like real life.



Passion for his vision: Eddie Obeng on preparing people to thrive in the post-digital world

More about Pentacle The World’s First Virtual Business School


Pentacle changing the world for the better:  We sponsor Global HealthCare Innovation

More about QUBE Learning Without Boundaries Videoplay


New Leadership means New Learning:  Educating Executives and Senior Leaders Digitally, on QUBE

More about Eddie Obeng Videoplay


Media Transformation:  BBC at the hilarious mercy of Eddie Obeng

More about Eddie Obeng Videoplay


What happens when you multiply Innovation by Innovation?  

You get David Gram of Lego running an interactive worqshop on QUBE 


More about QUBE: Learning Without Boundaries Videoplay


TEDx with a twist

More about Eddie Obeng Videoplay



Is it easier to move atoms than electrons?


That’s why Eddie transported energy , engagment, and laugher to a Me;bourne Australia Keynote whilst his feet were firmly in Beaconsfield UK.  

He uses ER (Enhanced Reality) on QUBE This si an example to share of  blending Digital Disruption and Traditional expectations

More about QUBE Learning Without Boundaries Videoplay


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We have had significant penetration testing done by some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world and have passed. I would say that this puts us in the upper categories of safeness but still below top secret grade.


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