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New for 2017: New Venue – New Themes – New Speakers – New Format

Same old Host: Eddie Obeng


March 16th 12.30-14.00 UK

Join us to speak to other business leaders, innovative thinkers and QUBE pioneers from around the world.

Places are limited so –


Networking on QUBE

Join us in March for our global networking event. Unlike most networking events where you are limited to people in your local area or have to travel miles to another city or country, on QUBE you are able to meet, talk and interact with business and thought leaders from around the world, all without leaving your desk.

If you are new to QUBE, you will be able to speak to QUBE veterans who can tell you firsthand how using QUBE has transformed the way they work. If you are already experienced with QUBE, you can connect with members of your industry and many others to exchange stories, tips and more.

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New Venue:

Auditorium Style Theatre with Café Tables for Networking , Breakout Areas and Exhibition Stands

Visit auditorium on QUBE if you have QUBE app installed

New Themes New Speakers:

2017 Themes:

COMMUNICATION January 19th 12:30-14:00UK
MOMENTUM February 16th 16:30-18:00UK
NETWORKING March 16th 12:30-14:00UK
DIGITAL COLLABORATION April 20th 16:30-18:00UK
PERSUASION May 18th 16:30-18:00UK
IMAGINATION June 15th 07:30-09:00UK
DELIVERY July 20th 16:30-18:00UK
COLLABORATION August 17th 12:30-14:00UK
BUSINESS ACUMEN September 21st 16:30-18:00UK
AGILITY October 19th 12:30-14:00UK
GLOBAL MINDSET November 16th 16:30-18:00UK
REFLECTION December 14th 07:30-09:00UK

2015 Speakers: David Gram-LEGO, Geoff Burch , Peter Hinssen, Elisabetta Galli-Wolters Kluwer, Patrick Affleck-DentsuAegisnetwork, Giles Cross-Sanlam, Roy Sheppard, Ken Banks, Eddie Obeng-Pentacle the Virtual Business School

2016 Speakers: Philip Gennoy-Allianz, Tim Bean, Geoff Burch, Dr Tam Watchorn-NHS, David Lomas-Pentacle the Virtual Business School


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We have had significant penetration testing done by some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world and have passed. I would say that this puts us in the upper categories of safeness but still below top secret grade.


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