5 Orientation

‘Being spontaneous’ may take a lot of practice but ‘Being yourself ‘ just means a moment to get comfortable


Show me, I’ll forget,

Guide me, I’ll think I understand,

Involve me, I’ll learn and value the experience.

Show me

All you need to know in 90 seconds:

Guide me

Book an assisted orientation session with QUBE admin when you complete your Entry Pass registration.

Involve me

certificationStart QUBE now and orient.  Or arrive for your first QUBE qall/ worqshop at least a quarter of an hour early.  

You don’t need to do anything special. The first time you log onto QUBE you will automatically be taken to orientation.

Be oriented so that you won’t hold your colleagues back or be left behind asking basic questions like “So how do I move?” “How do I add some stickies to our brainstorm?”  “How come I can’t hear you now you’re sitting down?”

Collect your certificate (like a driving licence – see image above) at the end.   Then next time on QUBE you’ll be free to go wherever you want!





We have had significant penetration testing done by some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world and have passed. I would say that this puts us in the upper categories of safeness but still below top secret grade.

Ron Teitelbaum 3DICC

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