Increase Engagement

Our definition of a conference call is, "One person talking and 11 people doing their emails!" Webinars bore, broadcasting from one to a diminishing many. Like a fat ham sandwich, Social media, Yammering, and Jiving keep people apart with a thick layer of texts lacking the positive human-emotional buzz. QUBE’s life-like environment means participants interact with everyone else and can do everything they would normally do in a workshop or course and more. Get ready for undivided attention.

Work Effectively

Transforming yourself or your organisation to be more digital and agile means both New Thinking and New Behaviours. Working with people in different places to achieve your goals has many tough challenges. On QUBE, Tutors from Pentacle, the Virtual Business School, who are experts in New World leadership and business management, provide easy-to-use frameworks and tools and help facilitate your groups to get them up and running quickly and working collaboratively, five times faster together.

Do you need to manage a global or regional project?

QUBE offers offers a chance to connect all of your global managers into the same room to have high-quality, engaging conversations and manage the project effectively without boarding a single flight. Find out more »

Do you need to host a global conference?

QUBE offers the space, tools, and techniques for hundreds of people to speak to each other and share information, network, and work together simultaneously. Find out more »

Do you need to run an innovation workshop?

On QUBE a team can use sticky notes, brainstorm, and co-create together as easily as being in the same room. You can involve customers in insight gathering and validation. And fully involve key stakeholders from across the organisation early in the process to gain engagment and avoid the 'not invented here' barriers! Find out more »

Do you need to bring your leadership team together?

Provide leadership to your top team by being available everywhere on the planet instantly. Hold regular strategy workshops and meetings with your leadership team on QUBE, while keeping your confidential work safe and sound in one place. Find out more »