“QUBE, an innovative virtual world from Pentacle The Virtual Business School”

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“A project which would normally have taken months was completed in a matter or weeks.” Wolters Kluwer


“We were able to deliver projects as planned for a fraction of the original cost.” NHS


“Our strategists from around the globe were able to learn together and contribute fully to innovation … And we won the bid.” Vizeum


So, What is QUBE?

There was nothing comparable to the first iphone, so Steve Jobs had an impossible challenge to describe it. At the launch he strode out on stage proclaiming, “Today we are launching three things; an ipod, a phone and an internet communicator.” No one clapped. They didn’t get it. So Steve repeated the list. “An ipod, a phone and an internet communicator.” Still no applause, just nervous laughter. He repeated the list once more, adding, “You’re not getting it yet are you?” and then as he raised the iphone in his hand for everyone to see, “They’re not three separate things!”

“Are you getting it yet?” The audience erupted into wild applause and enthusiastic cheering!

There is nothing comparable to QUBE, so we have the same challenge to describe it. We have “‘stolen’ from the best” – Steve Jobs – and describe QUBE as three things: ‘Learning for a complex, digital world (Award-winning tools, tips & techniques from Eddie Obeng, a globally-respected thought leader & most motivational educator), ‘Collaborative-Productivity’ – Making more money together (new, better ways to harness the creative output of people around the world without the traditional boundaries of distance, hierarchy or time) both wrapped up in a deep, powerful and surprisingly easy-to-use software application.

To borrow a phrase … “Are you getting it yet?”



QUBE Learn+Do Ware. Your “Platform for a Digital Life”.



 Transform your world

You’ll learn new more agile, digital behaviours. QUBE is like visiting another country. We do things differently on QUBE. 
You’ll remember five times more and work five times as fast. QUBE is simply a better way of doing things.
You’ll be able to do things which are impossible for all your competitors. QUBE will make you thrive in our digital and uncertain New World.

New to QUBE?
Ready for QUBE?

Do Digital Transformation Digitaly

QUBE is a facilitated collaboration service that will guarantee you Learn to Transform to achieve your goals faster, cheaper and better with more buy-in.

No need to make a long term commitment, just give it a TRY and be amazed.

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