Eddie Obeng at TED explaining why he created QUBE

Unless you’ve been locked away, you know human beings have now developed machines which are stronger, faster, see & hear better and remember more things more accuratley than us. Together we’ve enabled them to share a digital language. We’ve networked them together to influence each other at near the speed of light. Now we’re allowing them to build patterns and learn from all the data they hold to ‘help’ us.

Human beings, even in our modern 21st century,  still use behaviours, methods and skills which evolved hundreds of centuries ago.  We think alone to form sharable thoughts.  We use speech, writing and language to negotiate understanding with other people. We struggle to align because we’re inhibited by our egos and feelings.   We move around the planet invehicles at up to hundreds of miles an hour, way, way below the speed of light.  We find it difficult to ‘upgrade’.  We keep & use sets of ideas, a world-view, well after their ‘sell-by date’ or usefulness.

QUBE is thinking, tools, behaviour and an environment.

QUBE is where we can network our brains without ego. We can share positive emotions. We can accelerate creativity well beyond what we are used to.

QUBE is where over thee hundred Award-winning tools, methods and ways of working are instantly available along with a world-class human guide.

QUBE is where we can do many things which are normally impossible, in effect to have ‘super powers’. These ‘super powers’ drive amazing productivity, collaboration, and agility.

QUBE is where the barriers and assumptions no longer apply. If you can be shoulder to shoulder with anyone in the world in two clicks. why would you commute to work in a city? Why would your enterprise have a regional reporting structure?

At the global level, QUBE is how we will beat climate change by eliminating 20% of the energy we use moving people (Atoms) from A to B.  We will realise it makes more sense, for may activities, to move Electrons instead. #MoveElectronsNotAtoms  We will deliver peace though being closely connected people we would be far from.  And we will develop a group of Enterprises Public and Private (Our clients) who will be truly, exceptionally successful.



QUBE is a Facilitated Service.

Skill-up:  Learn effective Behaviours & clever Collaboration tools

Do more with less stress:  Cut your Costs in half!

“We were able to deliver projects as planned for a fraction of the original cost. NHS

Be Fast & Flexible:  Halve your timeline!  Become more Agile and Innovative.

“A project which would normally have taken months was completed in a matter or weeks.” Wolters Kluwer

Do the impossible:  

“Our strategists from around the globe were able to learn together and contribute fully to innovation … And we won the bid. Vizeum-DentsuAegisNetwork 

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